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Scalable to any business size, Pro-Cloud Fleet has been developed with the end user in mind. Our forward thinking fleet solution enables fleet managers to take control of their operations, improving efficiencies throughout the organisation in which they work. Implementing a fleet or telematics solution will increase fuel economy, reduce insurance premiums, decrease accidents/risks and increase productivity throughout the workforce.

Pro-Cloud Fleet can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with Pro-Cloud, our asset management solution. When used together both vehicle and asset tracking and management data is all located within one centralised platform, cutting costs and eliminating the need to log into two interfaces.

Device Agnostic Mobile Working

Our dedicated mobile app enables anytime remote access to Pro-Cloud Fleet, bringing automated up to date information to drivers anytime, anywhere.

Monitor vehicle routes via one single interface

Improve your customer service processes by keeping customers continually up-to-date with their delivery or collection time slots, providing more accurate ETA's through live route tracking. Routes can be viewed in real-time, ensuring drivers are following their schedules correctly, the most efficient routes are being followed and speeding/erratic driver behaviour is identified.

Manage driver behaviour and keep your workforce safe

Full visibility of your drivers behaviour and everyday route schedules will continually keep your workforce safe. Geo-fencing can be utilised, enabling you to set geographical fences for vehicles, ensuring you are made aware of driver locations and are alerted immediately if parameters are broken. Route warnings and vehicle updates are all made available instantaneously, always reducing risks for you and your workforce.

Collect vital vehicle data through live tracking

Speed, distance travelled, geo-fencing and fuel usage/purchases are just some of the components that can be tracked and reported on in real-time. Full analysis and comparisons can be made, enabling improved vehicle management and a streamlined future vehicle selection process. All data is stored within Pro-Cloud Fleet, providing your organisation with the tools for future health & safety audits and compliance procedures.

Make sure accidents are always managed correctly

Inbuilt accident management allows real time recording of all important information so any incident can be dealt with within moments and escalated in the most appropriate manner required. Ensure claim headaches are dealt with, improving the odds of keeping your insurance premiums down.

Reduce costs through improved vehicle efficiencies

Investing in an advanced telematics solution will significantly boost fleet efficiencies, and progressively reduce costs through optimised route scheduling, improved fuel economy, reduced paper outlay and a more advanced way of monitoring driver behaviour. This level of fleet management won't only maximise vehicle usability but will also increase profitability throughout an organisation.
Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Bring instant visualisation to your owned, leased or hired fleet in one simple to use interface. Pro-Cloud Fleet takes care of day to day servicing, MOT, tyre and inspection management. Pro-Cloud details end of life lease vehicles so replacements can be arranged well in advance of the return date, avoiding expensive hire charges. Mileage is also managed and warns of ‘busting’ contract limits, avoiding excess mileage charges.

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Through the use of our advanced telematics devices, fleet efficiency indications and vehicle tracking links seamlessly with fleet management. A device is fitted to each vehicle in a fleet, which instantly transmits the data required, linking back to the Pro-Cloud system in real time. The use of telematics will monitor driver behaviour and identify any bad habits, encouraging your workforce to take less risks.

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Accident Management

Accident Management

In-built accident management allows real time recording of all important information to ensure claim headaches are dealt with, improving the odds of keeping your insurance premiums down, while allowing fleet managers to appeal driver and vehicle fines more successfully. Incidents can be recorded immediately via our dedicated app, enabling personnel to deal with it as soon as possible, decreasing vehicle downtime.

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